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Welcome the iPhone SE


When Apple announced their new handset, the main question on everyone’s mind was, What is it?

Many people were annoyed at the new size of the iPhone 6 range but to get an iPhone 5s meant you missed out on all the new features that Apple have started rolling out across their devices.
For these people, Apple introduce us to the iPhone SE.

The SE is the same size as the iPhone 5 but it has updated internal structure that makes it run just like the 6s. With better battery life, clearer screen, faster actions and the benefit of fitting comfortably in one hand, the iPhone SE is definitely a smart phone to have.

Those of you that have an iPhone in the 5 series already will find this handset a great improvement.
With an astonishing 12mp camera that can record videos in 4K, the iPhone SE is the only device you’ll need when sightseeing. The SE also boasts a HD front facing camera for Facetime and selfies. This front camera uses the retina display of the iPhone as flash meaning you can get brilliant photos, no matter the time of day!

The 4 inch design of the iPhone SE makes it perfectly suited to fit in your hand. This means you don’t need to overreach your thumbs to get full use of the screen. Another handy feature of being small, it fits in a lot more pockets.

Following on from the iPhone 6 series, the SE also has the Apple Pay feature. This means you can use your phone as a contactless form of payment instead of carrying around your bank card. The ability to leave your physical bank cards at home makes Apple Pay a lot more secure and you can keep your personal information private.
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The SE has the same processing power as the 6s, that is 2x faster than the 5s so you won’t be found waiting for your apps to load. As well as being speedy at opening and navigating your apps, this little iPhone has 3x the graphics power so all those gamers or video editors will be stunned at the new and improved visual quality of the SE.

Unfortunately in Apple’s efforts to keep the cost of the SE low they have had to sacrifice adding their 3D Touch technology to the SE’s smaller screen. This means that the 6s and 6s plus are still the only phones on the market with this remarkable screen feature.

All in all, the iPhone SE is a neat little phone which does exactly what it says on the box. Its small form factor makes it very popular for those who resisted getting the 6S. If you are one of those people that held off getting a new phone because they were all getting bigger, this is the phone for you.

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