May’s Offer of the Month

Samsung Tab A 9.7 LTE


Ever wish you could work on documents while you are talking with clients so you don’t forget anything?

Ever found yourself wishing you didn’t have to carry around a folder portfolio?

For only £15 per month you can get more mobile with your business.

The fantastic Samsung Tab A 9.7 is a versatile device that will help you do more when out of the office. It can manage your calendar, surf the web and even be your own portable portfolio.

Running android means this device can access thousands of apps that will enable you to do everything you need and not be tied to a desk.

For instance, you can run a full mobile version of Microsoft Office giving you the ability to create and edit documents no matter where you are. So if you need to draft up an invoice while visiting a customer, or if you need to add notes to a previous consultation.

Even if you just want to occupy the kids for a short while, this Tablet can do it all. With it’s pre-installed Kids Mode. The Galaxy Tab A’s Kids Mode offers a range of child-friendly apps designed to educate, entertain, and develop interests and skills. With a time limit function, you can regulate the time your child spends using the tablet.


The Galaxy Essentials app hub will keep you up to date on the latest Samsung news and approved apps to help improve your overall Samsung experience.

For a the month of May, we are offering the Samsung Tab A 9.7 for only £15+VAT per month. This gives you a whole 8GB of Data per month.

For more information regarding this offer please visit us in store or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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