Royston Open Secrets – What a Day!

Royston Open Secrets Success

ROS tony

It was a marvellous day up at the Royston Heath and the event was in full swing, people everywhere enjoying the festivities and enjoying the sunshine. There was a variety of exciting things to do and shows for those who wanted to join in or watch.

Segways, Dog Shows, Car Shows, whatever your interests there was something there for you. So many people came that by mid afternoon even the Heath was starting to get crowded!

Our M-Viron stall had a fun, huge game of Ker-plunk where children and adults alike had to pull out giant sticks to make sure that none of the balls fell, if they succeeded in doing that then they were entered into a prize draw. By the end of the event we had a large bag full of entrants.

From this bag of entrants we drew 10 lucky winners who each got to choose a colourful wired headset from our shop on the high street.

It was such a wonderful day and we just want to say a great big Thank You to everyone that came and took part. We hope you all had as good a day as we did!


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