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So you’ve probably all seen the news recently where EE were fined by Mobile Regulators, Ofcom.

Ofcom issued EE a fine of £2.7 Million for overcharging customers.

We would just like to clarify that this particular issue on billing from EE is in relation to calling “150” from abroad. EE charged an incorrect rate of £1.20 per minute to customers calling from the US to EE, this rate should have been only 19p per minute.

If you have been abroad and are concerned you may have been overcharged please bring your bills in for us to go over with you.

Even if you haven’t been abroad, if you feel you have been overcharged or your bills aren’t what they should be, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help clarify your bills.


For more information on the fine charged by Ofcom, please see the article below


Third Party Authorisation

Third Party Authorisation – The details, what it means for you


Some of you may already be aware of what giving us Third Party Authorisation means but for those of you who are still wondering, here are a few benefits.

Third party authorisation gives us permission to speak to EE on your behalf. This means that if you have an issue, we can sort it directly with EE without you having to lose time from your business, waiting on hold with an adviser.

To be clear, we are unable to cancel contracts or change your personal passwords with EE, so the control stays with you. We can do almost anything else to help you manage your EE account, this includes the below features and more.

Bill Enquires

Seen something on your bill that doesn’t look right? Let us know and we will find out what has been charged and why.

Roaming Addons

Going away? Tell us when and where and we can make sure you have a roaming allowance in place to suit you and avoid excess charges.

Faulty Handset Liaison

Phone stopped working and yet there is no physical damage? We can organise a replacement handset by courier to get you up and running again. (This is only available on eligible handsets)

Third party Authorisation now comes as standard on all EE SB contracts, if you would like to opt out of this service then you can do so by emailing EE direct on

Unsure if we have Authorisation on your account? Give us a call or pop in store to discuss

Exciting New Tariffs

From the 18th of January all new SB phone tariffs will have EU roaming included in the price. They start at just £23 per month

These new tariffs allow you to use you phone abroad with no extra charges. Whatever your allowances are in the UK, you can take with you to the EU.

Fair usage on data allowances that exceed 15GB in the UK, when you are roaming in the EU you can only use up to 15GB of data before you are stopped.

As well as refreshing all the existing plans, EE are also introducing a new range of 36 months plans for those keep their phones for a long time. The new 36 month tariffs offer double the amount of data on the 24 month tariffs for the same price.

The only downside to these incredible 36 month plans, is the fact that the Faulty Handset Replacement Service which is available on all plans, only lasts the first 24 months on these extended plans.


From the 25th of January, all new SB SIM Only tariffs will include EU Roaming as well. All plans have been refreshed with new allowances and price points, the lowest one starting at just £8 per month

For any more information on the latest EE tariffs, please pop in store or give us a call.

For Those That Might Not Have Noticed….

We Have a Shiny New Animation!


A huge thanks to Sam at MegaCity Studios for helping us create a great new animation to help explain what we do for you.

You can find this animation on our homepage and below

We would be most grateful if you could have a look and let us know what you think.

Christmas is Coming…


We have dressed our window up for Christmas, just in time for the Christmas Trail next Saturday the 3rd and the weekend after the Royston High Street will be filled with stalls for the Christmas Fair.

The Christmas Trail will encourage families to locate particular shops or locations around Royston which they may or may not already be familiar with. It is completely free to join in and once you have found all the Lanterns and filled in your sheet, you can hand it back to Santa for a gift!

The Royston Christmas Fair is a great chance for small business or sole traders to show their wares, stall holders range from fun games to unique Christmas gifts. There is all sorts of entertainment, including a Santa’s Grotto and a Raffle. With plenty to offer for all ages, you don’t want to miss Royston Christmas Fair on Saturday the 10th


Extra / Unwanted Charges to your Phone Bill

What Are These Extra Charges On My Bill?Free Retro Clipart Illustration Of A Worried Businessman Holding Large Bill Statement


This could mean anything! However what we are about to talk about are charges that do not involve going over allowances or usage abroad. What we are talking about are those charges to pay for things here and there, maybe you used your phone to buy an app on the Store or donated to charity via text.

What Services Can Be Charged to My Phone Bill?


You can use your mobile to pay for various items nowadays and these charges get added to your phone bill. This is how charity giving via text works as you donate through your mobile provider to your chosen charity. For example Children in Need text message donations. You will notice these donations added to your phone bill and automatically come out of your account. Subscription services like Spotify, Apple Music or BT Sport will charge you monthly on top of your standard phone bill if you choose to add your phone number as the billing platform. Many people find it easier to use their phone to pay for things as it’s not an instant charge, they only pay when their phone bill is charged to their bank.

How Do I Know What I’m Paying For?


On your phone bill, every month at the bottom you will see a section called “Third Party Services”. This only gets listed when you are using your phone bill to pay for services. In this section you will find an itemised account of what charges you have added onto your phone bill that month. Usually they have a name written next to them to make them easily identifiable but sometimes all you get is a number. Don’t worry, this number can be entered into the Phone-paid Services Authority website to find out what it is.

Most services you will enter also send a text message confirmation of billing. This means you will have written confirmation of services, like a receipt, even though your bill might not have come through from your network yet.

I Never Signed Up For This!


Recently we have noticed a high volume of people have been unknowingly subscribed into a weekly competition or quiz. This seems to usually occur from a prize draw offer where you text the company and they charge you for your entry. What is not so obvious is that some of these prize draws are weekly events and so you are being charged weekly even though you might of only wanted to enter once. It is key that whenever you think about using your mobile bill to pay for services, you know exactly what you are signing up for. The truth is most of us don’t check our bills, we just see the money leave the bank and complain that this month was higher or be happy that this month is a normal amount. This is why it is very important to check your bill as soon as you think you are being charged too much! Third party text services, like weekly competition draws or quizzes will send you a text every time you are about to be charged to bill. Some people assume that by blocking the number, they won’t receive the text and therefore will not be charged. This is not the case. You must follow proper procedure to stop these services, the most common Opt-Out method is by texting the word “STOP” to a phone number outlined in your initial confirmation text.

If you no longer have these texts then you can go to the Phone-Paid Services Authority who will advise the best way to resolve this subscription.

Can I Block This Service?


For our Small Business customers we are able to put a block on the ability to use your phone bill in this way. No matter what service, good or bad, you might want to charge to your phone bill, will be blocked by EE. This means you cannot accidentally sign up for any recurring charges this way.

For all EE customers you can ring up EE direct on 150 and ask for these Charge to Account services to be barred.


Come in store to talk more about Third Party Service Charges.

November’s Offer of the Month

Tariff Promotion


Just to make 25gb of Double Speed mobile data even more enticing. We are now offering it for only £40 per month!

Just in time for Christmas!

For the entire month of November we are offering

Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited Texts

25GB of Double Speed 4G Data

180 Minutes of calls and 180 texts to the EU from the UK

The full use of your minutes and texts while abroad in Europe

15Gb of your UK data accessible while Roaming in Europe

This tariff is usually £53 per month but if you come to M-Viron before the end of November then you can get all this for only £40 per month!!

This is a saving of £13 per month or £312 over 24 months

This is a Small Business Tariff, all prices ex VAT. Pop in store or give us a call to find out more

Ts & Cs Apply

Offer ends 15th December

Enjoy Apple Music Free for 6 Months

EE Customers get new benefits from Apple


New and upgrading customers with EE now have access to a brand new offer from Apple. 6 Months Free subscription to Apple Music, the new way to stream music to your device.


What is Apple Music?


App based music subscription streaming service allowing you to stream or download from over 30 million tracks for only £8.33p/m (VAT exc.)

• Over 30 million tracks and rising

• Listen offline or online

• Beats 1 radio, the 24 hour Global radio station – Playlists curated by Apple Music Editors


How do I get Apple Music?


You can do so in the following ways within 30 days of joining EE or upgrading:

  • Text MUSIC to 150
  • Call 150 from your EE phone and select the option to buy an add-on
  • Call 150 from your EE phone within 30 days and speak to Customer Services.

This offer is available on BOTH Android and iOS phones. After downloading the Apple Music App you will be prompted to Sign Up to activate your new subscription. If you do not have an Apple ID already you will need to create one.


Can I Use Apple Music on a Tablet?


Yes you can!

To access Apple Music on another device simply download the app and log in using your Apple ID and Password.

You are then able to stream your favourite music from any Android or iOS device.


What Happens After 6 Months?


After your 6 months of free Apple Music is finished, you will carry on receiving Apple Music
for just £8.33 a month ex VAT .You will not have to re-register or have a break from listening. If
you decide that you would like to stop the service, you can cancel it whenever you like by
texting ‘STOP MUSIC’ to 150.

Customers who have opted in for the service, will receive a text in the final month of their six months free to let them know it will end soon. They will receive another text after the 6 months letting them know the offer has now ended.


How will Apple Music Appear on my Bill?


For the first 6 months your bill will show a charge of £0 for Apple Music. After the Free Subscription period has ended you will see a charge of £8.33 ex VAT on your bill.



If you have any other questions, queries or need help activating Apple Music, pop in store or get in touch

The New iPhone 7

iPhone 7: What’s new?


The new iPhone is finally here. Last week Apple announced the release of the iPhone 7 but is it worth the wait? Here are some of the main changes.


No Headphone Jack


The most significant change to the classic iPhone deisgn is the removal of the headphone jack. The iPhone 7 comes with a new pair of headphones which use the lightening connector. They have also mentioned the upcoming release of AirPods. These are earphones which resemble the current Apple headphones, however they are wireless. These new headphones won’t come with the phone and will be available from late October, costing around £159. Just remember to charge them up!

To find out more visit:


New Speakers


Taking away the headphone jack has given more space at the base of the handset which Apple have utilised for an improved speaker system. The new phone has speakers on both ends of the handset to give a Stereo experience. This enhancement will not only improve the music capabilities of the phone but also improve the videos you watch with clearer sound.




The iPhone 7 will be water-resistant and dust repellent, if you drop it in a swimming pool or use it in the rain, it will still work. This is due to its new water-resistant chassis. Despite this being another main selling point for the new phone. Don’t forget to read the small print. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are splash, water and dust resistant, and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529. Splash, water and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear. Do not attempt to charge a wet iPhone; refer to t he user guide for cleaning and drying instructions. Liquid damage not covered under warranty.


An Improved Screen


Just like the iPhone 6s range, the iPhone 7 range benefits from the 3D touch screen technology. This technology is becoming more and more popular within Apple and has more application uses with the new iOS 10 software. The iPhone 7 has a brighter and clearer display with Apple’s famous Retina HD Display. For those that like watching movies, the iPhone 7 Plus has a Full HD resolution screen to make every moment beautifully crisp and defined.


Camera Changes


The new iPhone has a 12mp camera with Optical Image Stabilisation. With improved zoom and low light pictures, this is the best iPhone camera yet. The iPhone 7 Plus has not just the one lens, but two. Both are 12mp but the first is wide-angle and the second is telephoto. This gives you sharp close ups and clear depth of field.


The new A10 Processor


The new iPhone 7 processor uses Apple’s latest archtecture giving you fast processing when you need it and a lower power consumption when not in active use. This helps give you the best battery life in an iPhone ever. The new processor has four cores of processing power giving you a phone 2x faster than the iPhone 6.


Which colour to choose…


Much like the release of the iPhone 6s, the iPhone 7 comes in a brand new colour. Along with the old favourites of Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Black (Previously known as Space Grey), comes the shiny new Jet Black. This new finish is a high gloss effect giving you a phone that doubles as a statement when you set it down. The downside to this high gloss finish is that it can scratch easily, Apple recommend a case for it.




Lastly, the new iPhones come in a new range of storage capacities. Apple have opted to stop producing 16Gb iPhones and instead have given us handsets which range from 32Gb to a whopping 256Gb. This is double the capacity of the previous iPhone 6s, what will you use it for?

For any more information or questions about the new iPhones, please pop in store or get in contact.

The Reason You Need to Remember Your Apple ID Password

Apple Security


The new Apple security update means that for those of us who have trouble remembering passwords, we will have more trouble.

When you first created your Apple ID, you were required to give them some personal details to ensure the account was yours in the event of any security issues.

Along with the usual “Recovery Email”, we were given the option to choose three Memorable Questions and Answers that would be used in the event of a Forgotten Password or Locked Account. This method worked really well and kept it simple for many customers. The issue Apple had with this method was it’s potential security risks. If you had chosen the standard three questions, e.g. City of Birth, First Job, First School, then anyone who had access to this knowledge, could also access your Apple account.

As an improved security measure, Apple introduced a way of verifying your identity with your mobile number. This way meant you would receive a text message to your verified phone number and enter the unique code to gain access to your account. This method is slightly more secure as most of us nowadays carry our phones everywhere.

At the same time, Apple implemented a way of verifying your identity through use of another device linked to your Apple ID. This ensured that only your account could verify access on another device. Verification in this way occurs every time you log into your Apple ID onto a new device. This is a lot more secure than the methods above as only a verified device can verify the new device, this needs not only both devices to be easily accessible but also that both have the correct Apple ID and password to be signed in.


The downside to the new security enforced by Apple means that when you upgrade or change device, you must have access to your old one. For many of us, our old devices are no longer fully working, hence the reason for the new device in the first place. So long as you have access to your phone number and recovery email, this device verification can be bypassed.

Unfortunately, if for some reason your Recovery phone number is not your own, but maybe a friend’s or relatives who helped create your account, you must have access to this. If you changed numbers after creating the account or cannot remember the number you put down, there is no way to change this. Apple will not help you. For those that have a recovery phone number linked to the account, the option to use your original three security questions seems to have gone out the window.

At M-Viron we try as hard as possible to get your new phone up and running in store. Whenever someone agrees to a new Apple device we do ask that you have your password at the ready. If you have forgotten your password, we will attempt to help you recover your account and reset it. We can only do this provided that you have access to your Recovery email, phone number or other device.

The aim of this article is not to scare or discourage you from having an Apple ID, just to help you realise the importance of keeping your password safe, secure and memorable. All these changes have been made by Apple to help keep your personal details safe, which given that many people now store bank cards on their iPhone, this is very important. The only way to avoid the second device verification is to not agree to “Two-Step Verification” if you have already activated this, you should be able to disable it through Manage Apple ID on the Apple Website.

If you need any help or have any questions about the above then please don’t hesitate to contact us or pop in store.

August’s Offer of the Month

Tariff Promotion


Just to make 25gb of Double Speed mobile data even more enticing. We are now offering it for only £38 per month!

Making your Summer Holidays just that little bit sweeter.

For the entire month of August we are offering

Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited Texts

25GB of Double Speed 4G Data

180 Minutes to call to and from Europe and USA (Great for all those Summer Holidays!)

This tariff is usually £52 per month but if you come to M-Viron before the end of August then you can get all this for only £38 per month!!

This is a saving of £14 per month or £336 over 24 months

This is a Small Business Tariff, all prices ex VAT. Pop in store or give us a call to find out more

Offer ends 15th September