Enjoy 6 months free BT Sport!


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EE Customers Bag Live Sport On The BT Sport App. Free For Six Months.

Sports News Just In: To say thanks for being with us, here’s a special sporting treat for our pay monthly mobile and tablet customers: six months’ free BT Sport on your EE phone or connected tablet. Just text ‘SPORT’ to 150, register for a BT ID then download the BT Sport app and get watching!

Football in your pocket

BT Sport is the place to watch every match in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League live. Plus 42 Premier League games live next season, the Emirates FA Cup, the Scottish Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

Loads of sports channels

It’s not just football you’ll get to enjoy on the move. This year the BT Sport app also brings you the best sporting action from Aviva Premiership Rugby, European Rugby Champions Cup, MotoGP, UFC and much, much more.

Made for out and about

You can use your BT ID to stream BT Sport on two devices at the same time as long as they both use an EE SIM. So you can watch the football on your phone while staying on top of the tennis on your tablet. Just load up the BT Sport app and go. As the service comes through the BT Sport app, you can’t watch it on, or link it to a TV.

bt sport


Text ‘SPORT’ to 150

You’ll get a text back with T&Cs and more info. At that point you can choose to start your six months’ free BT Sport straight away. Then once you’ve started, we’ll send you a link to register for a BT ID to sign into the BT Sport app. Alternatively if you have an EE connected tablet, call 07953 966 502.

Load up the BT Sport app

You can enjoy the action on any phone or tablet with an EE SIM. Once you’ve registered and got your BT ID, just load up the BT Sport app and start watching.

Stream sport with no surprise bills

Live streaming a full football match will use between 1.5 and 2GB of data, depending on your screen size. But don’t worry – with our usage alerts you’ll never be able to go over your data limit by accident, so there are never any surprise bills.

£5 a month after your free six months

After your six months of free BT Sport is finished, you’ll carry on receiving the BT Sport service via the BT Sport app for £5 a month. You won’t have to re-register or have a break from watching. And if you decide you’d rather not continue receiving the service, you can cancel it whenever you like.

Erasing your old phone – iPhones

How to Erase your old phone


So, I’m sure we have all been here at some point. Wanting to hand over our old phone to someone else, whether it is a family member or selling to someone via eBay or similar. The main concern with this is, How can I make sure all my data is gone before I hand it over?

On any phone, be it Android, Windows or IOS, it is always good practice to remove any accounts before attempting to reset the phone. This is particularly important on iPhones as failure to remove your iCloud account can result in your email still being linked to the device even after erasing.

For your ease we are going to just go over the method of removing accounts from these devices.

We will do this over several posts so stay tuned.


Starting with iPhones,

The two main accounts that have to be removed from an iPhone before you pass it on are your iCloud account and your iTunes account. These are listed in the Settings section of your iPhone.

If you scroll down your Settings list until you find the iCloud section, if you go into this section then scroll towards the bottom. You should see a “Remove Account” button. It may ask you for your iCloud password before you can remove it but once entered the account should be gone from the iPhone.

Once this is done you will want to do the same for your iTunes account. To do this you need to go back to the setting section and just below where you found iCloud, there should be an iTunes section. Once you have found this you should see an iTunes account name at the top of the screen. Select this account and it will pop up asking what you would like to do with it. In this instance we would like to remove it so we choose “Sign Out”.

Once this is done, your iPhone will not be logged into any accounts.

The next step is to erase the iPhone. To do this we need to go back to the Settings list.

This time we want to go into “General” and then scroll right to the bottom of that list.

At the bottom it should say “Reset” click on this and you get to a small menu.

We want to click on “Erase all content and Settings” it will then confirm this is what you would like to do, once you click “Erase” then the phone will delete all personal data.

With this, your iPhone is erased.

Royston Open Secrets – What a Day!

Royston Open Secrets Success

ROS tony

It was a marvellous day up at the Royston Heath and the event was in full swing, people everywhere enjoying the festivities and enjoying the sunshine. There was a variety of exciting things to do and shows for those who wanted to join in or watch.

Segways, Dog Shows, Car Shows, whatever your interests there was something there for you. So many people came that by mid afternoon even the Heath was starting to get crowded!

Our M-Viron stall had a fun, huge game of Ker-plunk where children and adults alike had to pull out giant sticks to make sure that none of the balls fell, if they succeeded in doing that then they were entered into a prize draw. By the end of the event we had a large bag full of entrants.

From this bag of entrants we drew 10 lucky winners who each got to choose a colourful wired headset from our shop on the high street.

It was such a wonderful day and we just want to say a great big Thank You to everyone that came and took part. We hope you all had as good a day as we did!


June’s Offer of the Month

Tariff Promotion


Just to make 25gb of Double Speed mobile data even more enticing. We are now offering it for only £40 per month!

For the entire month of June we are offering

Unlimited Minutes

Unlimited Texts including MMS

25GB of Double Speed 4G Data

Unlimited Minutes and Texts to and from Europe and USA

Euro Data Pass giving 500mb per day

This tariff is usually £65 per month but if you come to M-Viron before the end of June then you can get all this for only £40 per month!!

This is a Small Business Tariff, all prices ex VAT. Pop in store or give us a call to find out more

Offer ends 14th July

May’s Offer of the Month

Samsung Tab A 9.7 LTE


Ever wish you could work on documents while you are talking with clients so you don’t forget anything?

Ever found yourself wishing you didn’t have to carry around a folder portfolio?

For only £15 per month you can get more mobile with your business.

The fantastic Samsung Tab A 9.7 is a versatile device that will help you do more when out of the office. It can manage your calendar, surf the web and even be your own portable portfolio.

Running android means this device can access thousands of apps that will enable you to do everything you need and not be tied to a desk.

For instance, you can run a full mobile version of Microsoft Office giving you the ability to create and edit documents no matter where you are. So if you need to draft up an invoice while visiting a customer, or if you need to add notes to a previous consultation.

Even if you just want to occupy the kids for a short while, this Tablet can do it all. With it’s pre-installed Kids Mode. The Galaxy Tab A’s Kids Mode offers a range of child-friendly apps designed to educate, entertain, and develop interests and skills. With a time limit function, you can regulate the time your child spends using the tablet.


The Galaxy Essentials app hub will keep you up to date on the latest Samsung news and approved apps to help improve your overall Samsung experience.

For a the month of May, we are offering the Samsung Tab A 9.7 for only £15+VAT per month. This gives you a whole 8GB of Data per month.

For more information regarding this offer please visit us in store or get in touch via our Contact Us page.

Royston Open Secrets


Royston Open Secrets June 5th 2016


Royston Open Secrets is an annual event, held on ‘The Heath’ that aims to showcase local businesses, clubs, support groups and charitable organisations under one umbrella coupled with a fantastic Family Fun Day. The event is now in its 8th year and MViron will be at the show along with the expected 3000+ visitors.

At this year’s event there are two new attractions. Segways and Laser quest to add the usual dance groups, Dog shows, classic and customer cars exhibitions as well as a marquee full of exciting attractions.

Star radio are also covering the event for the first time so listen out for the advanced information with them.

The event starts at 11am and goes on till 4pm on the Heath at Royston. Entry is free so bring along the family


To find out more or book yourself a stall, visit http://www.open-secrets.co.uk/

Apple’s iPhone SE

Welcome the iPhone SE


When Apple announced their new handset, the main question on everyone’s mind was, What is it?

Many people were annoyed at the new size of the iPhone 6 range but to get an iPhone 5s meant you missed out on all the new features that Apple have started rolling out across their devices.
For these people, Apple introduce us to the iPhone SE.

The SE is the same size as the iPhone 5 but it has updated internal structure that makes it run just like the 6s. With better battery life, clearer screen, faster actions and the benefit of fitting comfortably in one hand, the iPhone SE is definitely a smart phone to have.

Those of you that have an iPhone in the 5 series already will find this handset a great improvement.
With an astonishing 12mp camera that can record videos in 4K, the iPhone SE is the only device you’ll need when sightseeing. The SE also boasts a HD front facing camera for Facetime and selfies. This front camera uses the retina display of the iPhone as flash meaning you can get brilliant photos, no matter the time of day!

The 4 inch design of the iPhone SE makes it perfectly suited to fit in your hand. This means you don’t need to overreach your thumbs to get full use of the screen. Another handy feature of being small, it fits in a lot more pockets.

Following on from the iPhone 6 series, the SE also has the Apple Pay feature. This means you can use your phone as a contactless form of payment instead of carrying around your bank card. The ability to leave your physical bank cards at home makes Apple Pay a lot more secure and you can keep your personal information private.
To learn more about Apple Pay please go to http://www.apple.com/uk/apple-pay/?&cid=wwa-uk-kwg-features

The SE has the same processing power as the 6s, that is 2x faster than the 5s so you won’t be found waiting for your apps to load. As well as being speedy at opening and navigating your apps, this little iPhone has 3x the graphics power so all those gamers or video editors will be stunned at the new and improved visual quality of the SE.

Unfortunately in Apple’s efforts to keep the cost of the SE low they have had to sacrifice adding their 3D Touch technology to the SE’s smaller screen. This means that the 6s and 6s plus are still the only phones on the market with this remarkable screen feature.

All in all, the iPhone SE is a neat little phone which does exactly what it says on the box. Its small form factor makes it very popular for those who resisted getting the 6S. If you are one of those people that held off getting a new phone because they were all getting bigger, this is the phone for you.

Pop in store to ask about the iPhone SE

April’s Offer of the Month!


Here at M-Viron we have managed to put together a brilliant deal for our EE Small Business customers.

This deal is open to those Small Business customers eligible to upgrade as well as customers who are interested in taking out a Small Business account.


Get a shiny new Samsung S7 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 in a package deal with nothing payable upfront!

s7 and tab a1


This package comes with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and 16GB of Double Speed 4GEE Data. The Tab A also has a SIM card slot so this double speed data is available to both devices anywhere you have mobile coverage.

The monthly cost for this great package is only £55+VAT!

As an added benefit, you also get 180 minutes to call to and from Europe and the USA. That’s 3 hours a month!


Drop us an email, give us a call or pop in store to take advantage of this great offer.

Only available for the duration of April. Offer ends beginning of May.

EE’s 4G Network is Faster Than Any Other

It’s official, our 4G network is 50% faster than O2, Vodafone and Three

Without a fast network, using data is just annoying; Google Maps can’t tell you where you are, Netflix keeps crashing, and all Snapchat shows you is the buffering wheel of doom.

That’s why we’ve made our 4G network 50% faster across the UK than any other; to give you the content you want, when you want it.

The average phone user now uses 3.4 times more data than when we first launched in 2012. We’ve got the speed and capacity you need to Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube to your heart’s content.

Our 4G network now reaches more than 95% of the UK population, so you can get superfast speeds in more places.

So on average, we’re faster for downloading videos, music, emails and all the other stuff you do with your phone. So why would you choose any other network?

4GEE is currently at 30Mb/s, which is five times faster than 3G. Our Double Speed 4GEE is twice as fast again, giving you speeds of up to 60Mb/s, while our new 4G+ is three times faster than standard 4GEE at up to 90Mb/s – it’s like getting Fibre Broadband on your phone.

Tests done via Speedtest By Ookla

Happy Easter and Here’s to Spring!

Happy Easter everyone, this is the perfect time of the year to head outside and enjoy the coming weather.

With Springtime fast approaching, we thought it was about time to speak a bit more about ourselves and what we are interested in. This month we became Investors in Wildlife for the Essex Wildlife Trust. This lets us have access to some of the most beautiful preservation sites in Essex. The Wildlife Trust helps preserve and protect many flowers, insects and small animals that keep our countryside healthy and growing.

Essex Wildlife Trust is the largest conservation charity in the county and one of the 47 county wildlife trusts that work together throughout the British Isles as The Wildlife Trusts. The Trust has been protecting Essex for wildlife and people since 1959. The natural environment is no different from your business environment. It needs management, care, expertise, effort.

You may have noticed the weather slowly improving and the sun shining. When it is a lovely day outside, it’s a shame to spend it indoors. Taking a walk through the colourful countryside and fresh air is a great feeling. With our sponsorship of Essex Wildlife Trust, we will be spending a lot more time getting to know the nearby conservation sites.


Sponsorship Certificate Presentation

Essex Wildlife Trust has more than 34,000 members, manages and protects over 8,200 acres of land on 87 nature reserves, 2 nature parks and runs 10 visitor centres. The aim of Essex Wildlife Trust is to Protect Wildlife for the Future and for the people of Essex. 

What Essex Wildlife Trust Does – The Facts

Conserving Protecting Enhancing Educating Engaging

  • Protects Wildlife for the Future across Essex
  • Manages and enhances 87 nature reserves and 2 nature parks for wildlife and people – offers conservation advice across the county
  • Educates 58,000 children and adults across Essex each year
  • Engages 314,000 people through visitor centres and events each year
  • Works with partner organisations across the county to achieve conservaiton aims
  • Works with MP’s, councillors and industry to protect wildlife
  • Conserves important wildlife areas so that people can enjoy them
  • Has developed the Living Landscape vision for Essex, which is now being implemented
  • Works with developers and industry to influence their work
  • Is working on the Local Area Agreement on two specific conservation aims
  • Responds to planning applications
  • Manages nine visitor centres, often introducing people to their wildlife
  • Monitors and records certain species
  • Ensures that habitats and species at risk are protected

We think the work which the Trust does is very important, this is why we have decided to support their efforts this spring and wish for any of you who enjoy the outdoors to go visit the nearest nature site and just enjoy the scenery.

We have found that working in a phone shop all day can sometimes give us an outdated look on the world around us. Keeping that in mind we want to welcome any walk suggestions from our customers. We know that many of our customers are local to Royston and take full advantage of the Heath and the nature walks around the Royston area.

Although the Easter weekend has been showery, we hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter and enjoyed the bright sunshine.