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So you’ve probably all seen the news recently where EE were fined by Mobile Regulators, Ofcom.

Ofcom issued EE a fine of £2.7 Million for overcharging customers.

We would just like to clarify that this particular issue on billing from EE is in relation to calling “150” from abroad. EE charged an incorrect rate of £1.20 per minute to customers calling from the US to EE, this rate should have been only 19p per minute.

If you have been abroad and are concerned you may have been overcharged please bring your bills in for us to go over with you.

Even if you haven’t been abroad, if you feel you have been overcharged or your bills aren’t what they should be, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will help clarify your bills.


For more information on the fine charged by Ofcom, please see the article below


Exciting New Tariffs

From the 18th of January all new SB phone tariffs will have EU roaming included in the price. They start at just £23 per month

These new tariffs allow you to use you phone abroad with no extra charges. Whatever your allowances are in the UK, you can take with you to the EU.

Fair usage on data allowances that exceed 15GB in the UK, when you are roaming in the EU you can only use up to 15GB of data before you are stopped.

As well as refreshing all the existing plans, EE are also introducing a new range of 36 months plans for those keep their phones for a long time. The new 36 month tariffs offer double the amount of data on the 24 month tariffs for the same price.

The only downside to these incredible 36 month plans, is the fact that the Faulty Handset Replacement Service which is available on all plans, only lasts the first 24 months on these extended plans.


From the 25th of January, all new SB SIM Only tariffs will include EU Roaming as well. All plans have been refreshed with new allowances and price points, the lowest one starting at just £8 per month

For any more information on the latest EE tariffs, please pop in store or give us a call.

Enjoy Apple Music Free for 6 Months

EE Customers get new benefits from Apple


New and upgrading customers with EE now have access to a brand new offer from Apple. 6 Months Free subscription to Apple Music, the new way to stream music to your device.


What is Apple Music?


App based music subscription streaming service allowing you to stream or download from over 30 million tracks for only £8.33p/m (VAT exc.)

• Over 30 million tracks and rising

• Listen offline or online

• Beats 1 radio, the 24 hour Global radio station – Playlists curated by Apple Music Editors


How do I get Apple Music?


You can do so in the following ways within 30 days of joining EE or upgrading:

  • Text MUSIC to 150
  • Call 150 from your EE phone and select the option to buy an add-on
  • Call 150 from your EE phone within 30 days and speak to Customer Services.

This offer is available on BOTH Android and iOS phones. After downloading the Apple Music App you will be prompted to Sign Up to activate your new subscription. If you do not have an Apple ID already you will need to create one.


Can I Use Apple Music on a Tablet?


Yes you can!

To access Apple Music on another device simply download the app and log in using your Apple ID and Password.

You are then able to stream your favourite music from any Android or iOS device.


What Happens After 6 Months?


After your 6 months of free Apple Music is finished, you will carry on receiving Apple Music
for just £8.33 a month ex VAT .You will not have to re-register or have a break from listening. If
you decide that you would like to stop the service, you can cancel it whenever you like by
texting ‘STOP MUSIC’ to 150.

Customers who have opted in for the service, will receive a text in the final month of their six months free to let them know it will end soon. They will receive another text after the 6 months letting them know the offer has now ended.


How will Apple Music Appear on my Bill?


For the first 6 months your bill will show a charge of £0 for Apple Music. After the Free Subscription period has ended you will see a charge of £8.33 ex VAT on your bill.



If you have any other questions, queries or need help activating Apple Music, pop in store or get in touch

Enjoy 6 months free BT Sport!


phone football

EE Customers Bag Live Sport On The BT Sport App. Free For Six Months.

Sports News Just In: To say thanks for being with us, here’s a special sporting treat for our pay monthly mobile and tablet customers: six months’ free BT Sport on your EE phone or connected tablet. Just text ‘SPORT’ to 150, register for a BT ID then download the BT Sport app and get watching!

Football in your pocket

BT Sport is the place to watch every match in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League live. Plus 42 Premier League games live next season, the Emirates FA Cup, the Scottish Premiership, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.

Loads of sports channels

It’s not just football you’ll get to enjoy on the move. This year the BT Sport app also brings you the best sporting action from Aviva Premiership Rugby, European Rugby Champions Cup, MotoGP, UFC and much, much more.

Made for out and about

You can use your BT ID to stream BT Sport on two devices at the same time as long as they both use an EE SIM. So you can watch the football on your phone while staying on top of the tennis on your tablet. Just load up the BT Sport app and go. As the service comes through the BT Sport app, you can’t watch it on, or link it to a TV.

bt sport


Text ‘SPORT’ to 150

You’ll get a text back with T&Cs and more info. At that point you can choose to start your six months’ free BT Sport straight away. Then once you’ve started, we’ll send you a link to register for a BT ID to sign into the BT Sport app. Alternatively if you have an EE connected tablet, call 07953 966 502.

Load up the BT Sport app

You can enjoy the action on any phone or tablet with an EE SIM. Once you’ve registered and got your BT ID, just load up the BT Sport app and start watching.

Stream sport with no surprise bills

Live streaming a full football match will use between 1.5 and 2GB of data, depending on your screen size. But don’t worry – with our usage alerts you’ll never be able to go over your data limit by accident, so there are never any surprise bills.

£5 a month after your free six months

After your six months of free BT Sport is finished, you’ll carry on receiving the BT Sport service via the BT Sport app for £5 a month. You won’t have to re-register or have a break from watching. And if you decide you’d rather not continue receiving the service, you can cancel it whenever you like.

EE’s 4G Network is Faster Than Any Other

It’s official, our 4G network is 50% faster than O2, Vodafone and Three

Without a fast network, using data is just annoying; Google Maps can’t tell you where you are, Netflix keeps crashing, and all Snapchat shows you is the buffering wheel of doom.

That’s why we’ve made our 4G network 50% faster across the UK than any other; to give you the content you want, when you want it.

The average phone user now uses 3.4 times more data than when we first launched in 2012. We’ve got the speed and capacity you need to Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube to your heart’s content.

Our 4G network now reaches more than 95% of the UK population, so you can get superfast speeds in more places.

So on average, we’re faster for downloading videos, music, emails and all the other stuff you do with your phone. So why would you choose any other network?

4GEE is currently at 30Mb/s, which is five times faster than 3G. Our Double Speed 4GEE is twice as fast again, giving you speeds of up to 60Mb/s, while our new 4G+ is three times faster than standard 4GEE at up to 90Mb/s – it’s like getting Fibre Broadband on your phone.

Tests done via Speedtest By Ookla