Using your mobile phone while driving

From March 1 2017, drivers using their phone will receive six points on their driving licence and receive a £200 fine. These changes will have a significant impact on young drivers in particular as they risk having their driving licence revoked following a first offence.  Motorists will no longer be offered the opportunity to go on a driver awareness course.

“It is illegal to use a mobile phone, held in the hand, whilst driving or while stopped with the engine on, it has been illegal since December 2003 but there has been a worrying shift in attitudes to mobile phone use behind the wheel. The RAC surveyed 1,714 motorists and 31% of them said they used a handheld phone behind the wheel compared with 8% in 2014.” Lincolnshire Police Jan 17


There are some things you can do to help. There are many Apps you can get which can auto respond to incoming text and calls to let the person know you are driving and can’t at this moment take the call/text.

In the Nokia its built in and can be access from Settings>system>phone. Scrolling down and you will see ‘text reply’

Android examples include

On apple there is an App written by AT&T in the US, but it works on all networks. So search for AT&T drivemode. You can obviously program the App with the message you want.

Happy safe driving folks!!!

The Reason You Need to Remember Your Apple ID Password

Apple Security


The new Apple security update means that for those of us who have trouble remembering passwords, we will have more trouble.

When you first created your Apple ID, you were required to give them some personal details to ensure the account was yours in the event of any security issues.

Along with the usual “Recovery Email”, we were given the option to choose three Memorable Questions and Answers that would be used in the event of a Forgotten Password or Locked Account. This method worked really well and kept it simple for many customers. The issue Apple had with this method was it’s potential security risks. If you had chosen the standard three questions, e.g. City of Birth, First Job, First School, then anyone who had access to this knowledge, could also access your Apple account.

As an improved security measure, Apple introduced a way of verifying your identity with your mobile number. This way meant you would receive a text message to your verified phone number and enter the unique code to gain access to your account. This method is slightly more secure as most of us nowadays carry our phones everywhere.

At the same time, Apple implemented a way of verifying your identity through use of another device linked to your Apple ID. This ensured that only your account could verify access on another device. Verification in this way occurs every time you log into your Apple ID onto a new device. This is a lot more secure than the methods above as only a verified device can verify the new device, this needs not only both devices to be easily accessible but also that both have the correct Apple ID and password to be signed in.


The downside to the new security enforced by Apple means that when you upgrade or change device, you must have access to your old one. For many of us, our old devices are no longer fully working, hence the reason for the new device in the first place. So long as you have access to your phone number and recovery email, this device verification can be bypassed.

Unfortunately, if for some reason your Recovery phone number is not your own, but maybe a friend’s or relatives who helped create your account, you must have access to this. If you changed numbers after creating the account or cannot remember the number you put down, there is no way to change this. Apple will not help you. For those that have a recovery phone number linked to the account, the option to use your original three security questions seems to have gone out the window.

At M-Viron we try as hard as possible to get your new phone up and running in store. Whenever someone agrees to a new Apple device we do ask that you have your password at the ready. If you have forgotten your password, we will attempt to help you recover your account and reset it. We can only do this provided that you have access to your Recovery email, phone number or other device.

The aim of this article is not to scare or discourage you from having an Apple ID, just to help you realise the importance of keeping your password safe, secure and memorable. All these changes have been made by Apple to help keep your personal details safe, which given that many people now store bank cards on their iPhone, this is very important. The only way to avoid the second device verification is to not agree to “Two-Step Verification” if you have already activated this, you should be able to disable it through Manage Apple ID on the Apple Website.

If you need any help or have any questions about the above then please don’t hesitate to contact us or pop in store.

Erasing your old phone – iPhones

How to Erase your old phone


So, I’m sure we have all been here at some point. Wanting to hand over our old phone to someone else, whether it is a family member or selling to someone via eBay or similar. The main concern with this is, How can I make sure all my data is gone before I hand it over?

On any phone, be it Android, Windows or IOS, it is always good practice to remove any accounts before attempting to reset the phone. This is particularly important on iPhones as failure to remove your iCloud account can result in your email still being linked to the device even after erasing.

For your ease we are going to just go over the method of removing accounts from these devices.

We will do this over several posts so stay tuned.


Starting with iPhones,

The two main accounts that have to be removed from an iPhone before you pass it on are your iCloud account and your iTunes account. These are listed in the Settings section of your iPhone.

If you scroll down your Settings list until you find the iCloud section, if you go into this section then scroll towards the bottom. You should see a “Remove Account” button. It may ask you for your iCloud password before you can remove it but once entered the account should be gone from the iPhone.

Once this is done you will want to do the same for your iTunes account. To do this you need to go back to the setting section and just below where you found iCloud, there should be an iTunes section. Once you have found this you should see an iTunes account name at the top of the screen. Select this account and it will pop up asking what you would like to do with it. In this instance we would like to remove it so we choose “Sign Out”.

Once this is done, your iPhone will not be logged into any accounts.

The next step is to erase the iPhone. To do this we need to go back to the Settings list.

This time we want to go into “General” and then scroll right to the bottom of that list.

At the bottom it should say “Reset” click on this and you get to a small menu.

We want to click on “Erase all content and Settings” it will then confirm this is what you would like to do, once you click “Erase” then the phone will delete all personal data.

With this, your iPhone is erased.

April’s Offer of the Month!


Here at M-Viron we have managed to put together a brilliant deal for our EE Small Business customers.

This deal is open to those Small Business customers eligible to upgrade as well as customers who are interested in taking out a Small Business account.


Get a shiny new Samsung S7 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 in a package deal with nothing payable upfront!

s7 and tab a1


This package comes with Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Texts and 16GB of Double Speed 4GEE Data. The Tab A also has a SIM card slot so this double speed data is available to both devices anywhere you have mobile coverage.

The monthly cost for this great package is only £55+VAT!

As an added benefit, you also get 180 minutes to call to and from Europe and the USA. That’s 3 hours a month!


Drop us an email, give us a call or pop in store to take advantage of this great offer.

Only available for the duration of April. Offer ends beginning of May.

The New Samsung Galaxy S7



The New Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Rethink What a Phone Can Do


So, the new Samsung is coming out this coming month and we think that it is a great improvement over the S6.

Samsung have listened to the feedback on the S6 and have introduced an SD card slot once again, letting customers freely choose their storage.

The S7 also boasts an improved processor chip set, offering you much faster phone functionality. Samsung state that the new phone will be 64% faster than the S6.

For all the photographers out there, the S7 has a new Dual Pixel Sensor camera which provides a focussing speed to match your own eyes. To compensate for any conditions, the new lens has fantastic lowlight clarity and on screen light editing to suit day or night.

A new phone, a new feature for Samsung. Although Sony have been doing this for years, this is the first flagship Samsung product to be IP68 certified dust proof and water resistant. Pairing this with the latest Gorilla Glass makes the new phone much more resistant to wear and tear than it’s predecessor.

Lastly the new handset has a much improved 3000mAh battery. Match this with the quick charging circuits and wireless charging capabilities and you won’t be always searching for the nearest plug.

With all these new features, we believe the new Samsung is going to be one of the best selling phones this year.

To celebrate with this, we are doing a promotional offer for Small Business customers. The Samsung S7 Free of Charge on a £38+VAT plan which gives you a whopping 25GB of data every month. This plan is usually £52+VAT so this is a great offer for anyone looking for a new handset. It also comes with Unlimited minutes and texts along with 180 minutes to call to and from Europe and the USA.

For more information or to take advantage of this great offer, just pop into the store or give us a call.