Business Connect Plans


Choosing the correct type of plan once you have more than 10 phones is not easy, but help is at hand.

Sharing plans allow pools to be created containing items such as data or roaming minutes etc. so any member of your company can carry on with their work, while you are satisfied that they are covered for their normal day to day activities.

We at M-Viron can access your needs and create these custom plans that meet your company requirements. Once your plan is set up, the regular reviews and billing analysis tools we have at our disposal will allow us to send you short summaries of the activities in plain English!

If your needs include mobile broadband, then there are several solutions to enabling your workforce to access the data that they need. However information such as price lists, quote forms etc can also be pushed to the employees phones (without the user have to do anything) to make sure they always have the latest information to work on


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