Wireless Charging

Icons-Wireless-ChargingCharge where you are

With our range of wireless chargers, keeping your phone charged has never been easier. They can easily be placed where you need them the most. All without having to chase after plugs or hide messy cables

How does it work?

Wireless charging (also known as inductive charging) uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects. Inventor Nikola Tesla was the first to demonstrate wireless power transmission in 1891, when he succeeded in lighting electric lamps without wires.

This means, you can simply place your phone on a charging pad and it will start to charge the battery. No need to fiddle with wires or constantly plug or unplug your phone. Charging is as simple as placing your phone on a desk.

Some smartphones and smartphone accessories now have wireless charging capabilities built-in, and the technology is being integrated into all sorts of devices, appliances, public spaces and even vehicles, as companies look to make power cords obsolete.

Which phones support Wireless Charging?

Some phones have all the circuits built in so all you need is a good performance charging pad. With other phones its possible to either add in Coils (Samsung S4 for example) or buy an external case for phones such as the Iphone series. Phones with wireless circuits inbuilt are listed below.

Samsung: S5, S5 Neo, S6, S6 Edge, S6 edge+ S7, S8 Note 8

Microsoft 735, 830, 950, 950XL

Apple IPhone X

The Amixan Solution

If you want something to charge your phone at your bedside, then Ikea have produced a bedside light. However most people want something on their desk. For this reason Mviron Royston have produced a high performance charger. Unlike most devices on the market, the Mviron  charger is 70% efficient due to the better circuits inside the device. You still need a power supply, most new chargers are powerful enough or you can use a USB port from your laptop or Desktop PC.

The box contains, QI compatible wireless charger, Micro-USB cable, Operating instructions (if you need them!)

Specification:Power 10W, Wireless Distance 5mm, Input 5V 1000mA – 2000mA, Frequency 100kHz – 200kHz

If you want to buy a high performance device with no delivery charge, then click on the Paypal button and your charger will be delivered swiftly.

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